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Individual Pocket Spring Mattress

Mattresses are an essential part of our lives, but not all of them are created equal. Many people struggle to find a mattress that provides the right amount of support and comfort, leading to restless nights and tired mornings. But, worry no more! With an individual pocket spring mattress, you will experience a deep level of support from head to toe.

Barrel shaped springs are encased individually in woven pockets to form an individual pocket spring system. The springs move independently, and minimise motion / partner disturbance by absorbing the movement directly under the sleeper instead of spreading it across the bed.

Each spring in the mattress responds to the pressure of your body, allowing the mattress to contour to your unique body shape and in any sleeping position. Your spine will align naturally, delivering the ultimate ‘sleep solution’ of comfort and unparalleled support. The result is enhanced back support and pressure relief, so you can sleep soundly each night.

What sets these individual pocket spring mattresses apart from a traditional spring mattress on the market is its ability to minimise motion disturbance. This means that when your partner moves during the night, you won't feel a thing!