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Mattress Guide

Singapore Mattress Sizing

All mattresses in our store are standard Singapore dimensions.

Size Width x Length
Single 91cm x 190cm
Super Single 107cm x 190cm
Queen 152cm x 190cm
King 182cm x 190cm

Can't find a bed with the size that you want? We are able to customise our beds in different sizes, be it a California King or a bed with extended length. 

Please email us at for more information.

Type of Mattress

Bonnel Spring

Bonnel spring is also known as inner spring, and is shaped like an hourglass. The springs are joined together at the top and bottom by spiral wires to form the spring system. In this system, all the springs are interconnected and because the springs are interconnected, it can cause more motion disturbance to you when sleeping.

Mattresses that use bonnel spring tend to feel more bouncy and are more affordable.

Individual Barrel Shape Pocket Spring

Individual pocket springs are barrel shaped and each spring is placed into a woven pocket. The springs are laid out in a grid to form an individual pocket spring system. In this system, each spring is free to move independently as it is not connected to its neighbouring spring. This means that the weight placed on one spring does not affect the surrounding springs and this helps to minimise motion disturbance when sleeping.

Our collections have two types of individual pocket spring systems:

Normal Individual Pocket Spring
This is the most common spring design in the market where all the springs are the same height. When you lay on a normal individual pocked springs, you will be able to feel the firmness of the mattress immediately.
High and Low Individual Pocket Spring
Using state of the art manufacturing technology, the springs of identical height are sealed in their individual pockets at alternating heights to provide the optimal comfort level with just the right amount of firmness. On the first touch, the mattress will feel soft but once you lay down, you will feel the gentle support and firmness of the mattress.

Non spring mattresses are usually made from Memory Foam, Natural Latex, Cold Cure Foam, Polyurethane Foam, or Rebond Foam. 


Memory Foam

Memory foam is also known as visco-elastic foam, and is a temperature sensitive foam that molds to the contours of your body as your weight shifts. Memory foam is known for reducing pressure points and relieving pain. 

Memory foam mattresses will usually feel more cosy as the foam molds to the contours of your body. It also absorbs movement and helps to minimise motion disturbance.

(Featured on Magic Koil Remmory Mattress, Magic Koil Shangri La Mattress and Magic Koil Comfort Sleep Mattress)

Natural Latex

Natural latex provides a firm and bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed. It provides comfort that is similar to memory foam, but unlike memory foam, the natural latex pushes back, providing a firmer support.

Natural latex mattresses are cooling and help to regulate temperature, providing you with the most comfortable sleeping experience without compromising on support.

(Featured on Magic Koil Pristine Mattress, Magic Koil Infinity Mattress)

Cold Cure Foam

Cold cure foam is also known as moulded synthetic latexCold cure foam is a dense and hard-wearing foam that has excellent resilience to flattening, and if able to keep its shape and support much longer and better than other types of foam. A unique property of cold cure foam is that it has a layer of ‘skin’ that prevents air from escaping, giving the mattress structure, which helps to keep its shape even after heavy use.

(Featured on Magic Koil SleepCraft Mattress)

Polyurethane Foam

Foam based mattresses are suitable for those who want all round comfort without compromising on support. The softness of the foam provides pressure relief and allows the spine to align to its natural position.

(Featured on Magic Koil Grand Palais Mattress, Magic Koil Royal Luxury Mattress, Magic Koil Innovation Mattress, and Magic Koil Magic Pedic with Plush Top Mattress)

Rebond Foam

Rebond Foam is made from shredded foam that undergoes a gluing process, forming a solid piece of foam. It is very dense and provides a firm support base that is able to withstand heavy use while maintaining longevity.  

Mattress Fabric

Polyester Fabric

Polyester is a preferred choice for those who are looking for a no-frills fabric as a mattress cover. 

Damask Fabric

Damask fabric is easily identified by its threaded, slightly shiny appearance, and slightly rough texture. Damask is a very durable fabric and has been used as a mattress cover for many years.

Our collections have two types of damask fabric:

Normal Damask Fabric
This fabric is hypo-allergenic and anti-dustmite.
Fire Retardant Damask Fabric
This fabric is hypo-allergenic, anti-dustmite, and fire retardant. It is suitable for commercial and marine mattresses.
Knitted Fabric

Knitted fabric is a newer fabric in the market that is thick, soft, slightly stretchable, and breathable.

Our collections have four types of knitted fabric:

Normal Knitted Fabric
This fabric is hypo-allergenic and anti-dustmite.
Mosquito Repellent Knitted Fabric
This fabric is hypo-allergenic, anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial. Mosquito repellent knitted fabric is recommended for people suffering from asthma, sinus infections, eczema, hay ever, and other allergies. This fabric does not release any volatile organic components, and is harmless for the human body.
(Featured on Magic Koil Innovation MattressMagic Koil Infinity Mattress)

Argentum+ Silver Ion Fabric

By Bekaert Deslee from Belgium
This fabric is hypo-allergenic, anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial. Argentum+ Silver Ion fabric uses an innovative anti-bacterial finish based on silver ions. The mattress will stay dry, cool, and fresh throughout the night. The silver component prevents the multiplication of bacteria and reduces allergies. Find out more about Argentum+ Silver Ion Fabric here.

Intense Pure Silk Fabric

By Bekaert Deslee from Belgium
This fabric is anti-bed bug, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial anti-dustmite, and mosquito free. Intense pure silk is an all-climate fabric that is luxurious, soft, and with lustrous beauty. Silk does not irritate the skin and always stays at skin temperature. Sleeping on silk therefore relaxes the body and ensures optimum comfort at just the right temperature: cosy in an air-conditioned room and comfortably cool when temperatures rise. The Intense silk mattress fabric also neutralizes the negative charges of the body causing a more relaxed feeling. Find out more about Intense Fabric here.
(Featured on Magic Koil Infinity Mattress


Foam Encasement

A foam encasement or box up around the spring unit of a mattress provides edge support and offer edge-to-edge comfort across the entire mattress, helping the mattress retain its shape and provide long lasting comfort. A foam encasement can provide additional sleeping area on the mattress and helps to reduce the chance of mattress edge sink (typically caused by sitting on the edge of the mattress) over a period of time.

Pillow Top / Plush Top / Euro Top

Pillow tops, plush tops, and euro tops are common on Hybrid mattresses, and provide an additional upholstery layer at the top of the mattress, over the support system of the mattress for plush comfort. This additional layer can be made from polyurethane foam, natural latex, and memory foam.


Which is the best type of mattress?

When it comes to choosing the best type of mattress, it really depends on your personal preferences and needs. Each type of mattress offers its own unique benefits.

If you are looking for a mattress that provides optimal support and helps alleviate back pain, an orthopedic mattress might be the right choice for you. These mattresses are specifically designed to provide proper spinal alignment and distribute body weight evenly.

For individuals who prioritise comfort and luxury, a plush top or euro top mattress can offer an extra layer of cushioning for a cloud-like sleep experience. These mattresses are often made with high-quality materials like polyurethane foam, natural latex, and memory foam, which provide superior comfort and pressure relief.

If you prefer a mattress with a firmer feel and strong edge support, a mattress with foam encasement can be a great option. Foam encasement not only offers edge-to-edge comfort but also helps the mattress retain its shape and durability over time.

Ultimately, the best type of mattress for you is the one that suits your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as your preferred sleeping position, body type, any existing back or joint issues, and personal comfort preferences when making your decision.


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